You are kindly requested to read our Terms & Conditions of business. As with any Contract, they tend to dwell on the more negative side and can often be scary reading. Please be assured that we will look after your dog(s) with the same love, care and attention that we look after our own dogs. If you have any questions on the Terms & Conditions, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your queries.



  • Jaqs Doggy Day Dreams ‘JDDD’ means Jaqui and Mike Brogden and any persons / agents assisting under that name at their request.

  • ‘The Owner’ means the Individual who has authorised JDDD to take care of their dog(s) and for whom JDDD has agreed to do so.

  • The 'JDDD Booking Form' means the particulars form so headed.



These Conditions shall apply to the Contract between JDDD and The Owner to the exclusion of all other Terms & Conditions.


  • Booking charges shall be an amount set by JDDD and agreed (either verbally or in writing) by The Owner. This will be confirmed in writing and sent via email.

  • In addition, JDDD shall be entitled to charge The Owner;

  1. Any special charges authorised in advance

  2. Any veterinary charges incurred by JDDD for the benefit of The Owner’s dog(s).

  3. A flat charge of QAR 100 will be payable for each individual trip to the Veterinary Centre, which will include the car travel, consultation with vet and waiting time. Any visit to the Veterinary Centre will of course be notified / agreed in advance, unless in the event of extreme emergency where time doesn’t allow / owner not contactable.

Any charges relating to the above shall be payable by The Owner on collection of their dog(s) unless otherwise agreed by JDDD.



JDDD will request a deposit of 50% of the total cost and payment must be made at the time of booking to secure the reservation for your dog(s).



If The Owner were to cancel 14 days or less prior to the booking start date, JDDD would charge 50% of the total booking, therefore no refund to the deposit payment would be made.



The Owner hereby agrees and undertakes with and warrants to JDDD:

  • That he/she has full power to enter into this Agreement and without the consent of any third party.

  • That his/her dog(s) has not been exposed to rabies or distemper within the period of 30 days prior to this Agreement and has been inoculated against rabies, distemper, rhino-tracheitis, trachea-bronchitis and parvo virus and such inoculations remain effective at the date of this Agreement.  The Owner will have uploaded photographs of the dog(s) Vaccination Certificate(s) with the Booking Form online.

  • That his/her dog(s) is clean, with de-flea and anti-worming treatments.

  • That his/her dog(s) has not at any time prior to the date hereof attacked any human being or animal.

  • That there are no material facts or circumstances that have not been disclosed to JDDD and which, if disclosed, might reasonably be expected to affect the decision of JDDD to enter into this Agreement.

  • That the information set out in the JDDD Booking Form is complete and correct in every respect.

  • That JDDD may engage the veterinary surgeon of choice; Qatar Veterinary Center Duhail (QVC) and authorise QVC to undertake such treatment as may in the joint opinion of JDDD and QVC be required to treat The Owner’s dog(s).

  • That he/she will indemnify JDDD and its assistants and agents against all costs, claims and damages arising (directly or indirectly) from any act of The Owner’s dog(s) while in the care of JDDD.

  • JDDD accept no liability whatsoever in the event of death or injury to any animal in their care (and subject to this Agreement), unless as a direct consequence of an act of negligence by any agent of JDDD.

  • For any unforeseen loss or injury to pets in our care, our liability is limited to the cost of veterinary care or in the event of a lost animal a full refund of the monies paid.

  • Any breach by The Owner of the undertakings / warranties contained within this Agreement shall entitle JDDD to place The Owner’s dog in boarding kennels at The Owner’s expense.


JDDD hereby undertakes to take all reasonable and responsible care of The Owner’s dog(s) during the period of care at JDDD’s premises.

Terms & Conditions