Doggy Daycare

Drop your doggy or doggies off between 8am - 6pm for a fun filled day. We only accept a limited number so that each doggy receives special care and attention. We feed and exercise our VIP guests according to how you normally do. 

Before we accept any doggy for daycare bookings we have a meet and greet session with you and your doggy to make sure that everyone is happy.

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Cost is QAR 100, per day per dog.

Timings are between 8am and 6pm.



We require a Meet and Greet (free of charge) ​prior to accepting new customers, in order so we can talk in detail about your requirements and for us to meet your dog(s). The meet and greet takes place at JDDD’s locations; Dafna & Ain Khalid so that owners can see our facilities and where their dog​(s) will be staying.

As experienced and fully qualified pet care professionals, I would like to reiterate that we take our role in looking after other people’s pets incredibly seriously. As such we have very strict vetting procedures in place, to ensure that our dog guests and indeed our own resident pets receive the highest quality of care and attention.

This vetting procedure is clearly stated on our website and noted in our Terms and Conditions that are signed as accepted by all customers upon completion of any Booking Form.

Unfortunately, on occasion, this does mean that following the required Meet and Greet meeting and if necessary, a follow up Tester Play Day, that certain pets simply cannot assimilate to either the environment or mix with our other guests or our own pets and we have to advise that the booking will not be honoured, in the best interests of all.


This is not a reflection on the owners, potential dog guests or any other pets in our care, it is simply the nature of dogs and their wonderfully different personalities.


If on occasion this causes offence, it is regrettable however we have a wider duty of care to all of our clients.


No registration fees, no additional fees, no extra charge for weekend bookings - price quoted is price paid!


We receive our guests from 8am and owners must collect their doggy by 6pm for daycare bookings and by 10am the following morning of a sleepover or holiday booking; for collection between 10am and 6pm our daycare rate of QAR 100 will be applied.