A grooming and pampering service for your VIP Pets

There are many reasons to have your pet groomed, it not only makes your pet look and smell better but also contributes to his or her emotional and mental well being. Having your pet groomed regularly is also an excellent way of alerting you to any health issues.

We are delighted to announce that we are partnering with the very best grooming facility in Qatar,  The Qatar Veterinary Center Spa.

Wherever your pooch is booked to spend his/her daycare, sleepover or holiday.


From essential grooming to pampering services your loved one will be the best-groomed doggy in town. You can just drop your doggy off to us, when booking day / overnight care, specify what treatments you would like your VIP to enjoy by using the form below. Hey Presto! On your return, your doggy will be the Belle of the Ball or Prince Charming.

Our trusted partners, QVC Professional Groomers, work closely with their Veterinarians to ensure your pet is in the very best hands at all times and no issue is overlooked.

At QVC, it is strongly believed that grooming experiences should always be pleasant and positive for every pet. They should love and enjoy being groomed and want to come back for their next visit. Time is taken with each and every grooming appointment making sure that each pet enjoys a gentle groom to achieve the best look to suit their body type and breed.


Whether you want a Doha summer shave or a spa treatment, QVC professional groomers, always ensure that your pet is poofed and pampered according to your instructions. The team have exceptional grooming skills ranging from essential maintenance to a personally styled clip. Groomers at QVC are not just hair cutters, they are stylists who will, if requested, design the best look for your dog, a look that suits the dogs based on their activity level, body structures, and maintenance needs.


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Grooming Pricing


Doggies 0 - 10 kg:  QAR 360

Doggies 10 - 20kg:  QAR 410

Doggies 20 - 35kg:  QAR 460

Doggies 35kg + :  QAR 470

Treatment lasts 2 hours


Hair Cut & Style (Trimming, Shaving, Clippers, Scissoring) Bath, Shampoo, Conditioner, Ear Clean, Eye Wash, Pad Shave, Sanitary Shave, De-Shedding, Nail Trim, Facial Trim

* Anal Glands Extra



Doggies 0 - 10 kg:  QAR 150

Doggies 10 - 20kg:  QAR 165

Doggies 20 - 35kg:  QAR 180

Doggies 35kg + :  QAR 200

Treatment lasts 1 hour


Bath, Shampoo, Conditioner, Ear Clean, Eye Wash, Basic Teeth Cleaning, Pad Shave, De-Shedding, Nail Trim



Doggies 0 - 10 kg:  QAR 290

Doggies 10 - 20kg:  QAR 330

Doggies 20 - 35kg:  QAR 356

Doggies 35kg + :  QAR 375

Treatment lasts 1 hour 30 mins


Hair Cut & Style (Trimming, Shaving, Clippers, Scissoring) Pad Shave, Sanitary Shave, De-Shedding, Nail Trim, Facial Trim





Loyalty Card


QVC offer a loyalty card scheme. For every 5 bath spas or full groom, the 6th is free (value of free service, no greater than cheapest service received).

Grooming Booking Form

Doggy Grooming is only available to customers who are booking daycare or sleepovers with JDDD.

We can offer individual treatments only if the groomers are visiting us to groom other doggies that day. Prices upon request.